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hello psionuser,
perhaps you were surprised about the psion problems with the accumulator... But we all love our psions ;-) so we have to handle with care ;-) That means to ignore all tips in the psionbook for recharging!!! read the accuinfopaper instead(currently in german). Use these tips precise then you won´t have any problems!
To recharge your psion mobile I tinkered a batterypack. Just put 4 normal miggnons inside and you can recharge your psion anywhere you want without a outlet.(recharging for three times!!! with 4 miggnons)

This is the "small" version of the batterypack. In the batterymounting are 4 * 1,5V batteries.

To make the pack sightly there is a relocatable foil over the batteries.

You can use the battpack for all nokia handys also.

Still questions? Send me an email

keep on psioning ;-)